1 MMA Fighter Vs 2 Cops – Can they get the cuffs on?

Cops have a bit of a mixed reputation these days with their… intensity. On the one hand they do provide a meaningful public service by taking hardened criminals and pulling them off the streets, and on the other hand they’ve been stepping a bit past their originally intended boundaries. Some countries have less to worry about in those regards than others, but in the end there are certain times when a bit of force is necessary.

Say for instance, a couple of cops respond to an incident where the perpetrator has gotten violent. They’re going to have to restrain them one way or another to protect themselves and everyone else around, but what if the person was a professional MMA fighter? Brian Ortega decided to put that little scenario to the rest in a much safer way than a midnight drunken brawl, he got two cops to attempt cuffing him on the mat in a promotional video.

The two cops are allowed to work together since in any real world situation there should never be a single officer attempting to take down someone looking for a fight, but Brian believed he would manage just fine regardless. After all, he’s a professional fighter with years of experience under his belt and these are just a couple of cops who probably got the bulk of their training in the Academy. At least, that’s what he thought. Well, such is life, and things didn’t quite pan out the way he had them going in his head.

The officers slowly but surely get on either side of the fighter and begin their attempt at an “arrest,” one going down towards Ortega’s front legs and the other getting behind him and pulling down on his chest, effectively taking him down. It took them a little while to get him into a position where they could safely cuff him, but they managed it in less than three minutes, which, against a professional is actually pretty damn good. These are two cops you definitely don’t want to be on the wrong side of, here’s to hoping they’re not on the wrong side themselves.

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