11 Year Old Kid Schools 17 Year Old Almost Twice His Size In Street Fight

Damn, this little kid’s got heart!

When professional fighters compete at an elite level, size is a major factor: no matter how good somebody is, they wouldn’t be able to beat the best in a division three weight classes higher than them.

Like a flyweight fighting a heavyweight

But at a normal, civilian level, the correlation between size and fighting ability isn’t nearly as strong, as can be seen in this clip…

It’s unclear what started these guys off because, by the time the camera starts rolling, they’re already throwing down.

Despite being a lot smaller than his opponent, Little Guy takes the fight to Big Guy with a ferocity that belies his size: he closes the distance, throws wild punches at his much taller opponent and manages to catch him with several shots to the dome.

The pair clinch up and despite the big fella’s exclamation that ‘I caught him, now he caught,’ this is right where Little Guy wanted to take the fight.

He actually manages to lift Big Guy into the air (which is amazing, in itself) and dump him onto the hard, concrete road.

Big Guy cops a bump to the noggin and instinctively begins to ball up but the pocket rocket ain’t done with him: he goes to work with a series of punches and kicks to the head before concentrating on the lads liver, just to make sure he doesn’t fancy a rematch anytime soon.

Little Guy sees that his work is done and leaves his would-be opponent to lick his wounds and contemplate what just what the fu*k happened.

Getting his day ruined…

Big Guy wanders off as everyone has a right old giggle at his expense. The dude with the camera catches up with Little Guy and asks him ‘What you told that n*gga?’. The little lad replies ‘Can’t fu*k with me!’ and I have to say, I agree.

Can’t fu*k with me!




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