6AM At Grand Central Station, Drugged Up Dude Punches On With Bogan, Regrets Decision

This video is absolute chaos – one dude is high as fu*k and appears intent on starting something with a random bogan fella who simply won’t put up with his sh*t. Practically everyone else just watches…

The cameraman begins filming this scrap after the first punch was thrown. It took place at Grand Central Station, New York City, last Thursday…at 6am in the goddamn morning!

The guy that recorded the scene wrote the following to explain what had happened beforehand:

The long haired guy was trying to walk away and the other guy kept taunting him.So the long [sic] guy punched him pretty hard. That seemed to stop the fight but the other guy kept coming back….

The pair can be seen arguing and the long-haired dude repeatedly tells the wasted-looking fella to ‘get your hand out my face!’ He doesn’t heed the warnings, though, and cops a huge right to the dome for his troubles.

Now, most people would stay down at this point (whether by choice or because they had been KO’d) but this lad somehow gets back up and pursues his new nemesis.

He catches up with him and the pair square off again but they look like two fighters in a video game, standing in their fighting poses and ready to go but not throwing anything because their operators are having a couple of bong hits before getting it on…

‘Hold on bro we gotta hit this sh*t before we scrap’

At that moment, the most sensible security guard in the world intervenes and tells the bogan “Yo, motherfu*kers gonna watch you go to jail! Go ‘head, man. Go, go, man!”

The drugged-up fu*ker keeps up his pursuit, though, and taunts his adversary into squaring off again. The way Ole Druggo looks in his fighting stance is reminiscent of Jim Carrey in ‘Me, Myself, & Irene‘…

‘Are you gonna pick up that butt? Or do I have to glue it to the end of my shoe and stick it up your big, fat, pimply a-hooooooole?’

Druggo screams with a ferocity that would send chills down Rick Flair’s spine but seems reluctant to engage in actual combat. Finally, the pair begin to throw down again and Bogan lands a decent shot that sends Druggo backpeddling into a random lady who looks like she’s on her way to work.

He steps on her shoe and gives her a flat tyre but she slips it back on and wanders off like this sort of thing happens all the time!

The pair end up in a tangle on the ground while the nerdiest sounding people in the world shout ‘the police are coming!’ at them. Bogan’s lifestyle choices come back to haunt him as his hair becomes an easy target for Druggo to latch onto.

Eventually, the police do arrive on the scene but not before Bogan manages to advance his top position and get off one more hefty punch to the face.

‘That’s for pulling my hair, bit*h!’

All in all, this fight started with a bang and had some good street-wrestling towards the end but could have done with less hair pulling. Also, it would have been cool if the onlookers had of formed a ring around the combatants and chanted ‘FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! as they went at it…




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