The Most Unstable And Intimidating Boxer You’ve Never Heard Of

Meet Ike Ibeabuchi if you already haven’t, a man who was one of the scariest people alive back in his hay day. Not only was the mere sight of him something of an intimidation tactic, but he could take blow after blow and still have the sense to dish them back, with enough power behind them to take the win. Let’s put it this way, back when David Tua was in his prime, Ike ate his punches like they were little more than strawberry kisses, even though Tua had set compubox records with the amount of hits he could deliver with an insane amount of force. But, unfortunately we never got to see Ike take a true rise to fame and that’s most likely due to some mental health issues he’d been dealing with.

According to former HBO Sports Executive Lou DiBella, “There were times when he thought he was really a president,” boxing promoter and former HBO Sports executive Lou DiBella He would get into these mental states where he insisted on people calling him The President. It was his alter ego, where ‘I am The President,’ not of the United States, but maybe the world.”

As if that weren’t enough of a warning sign, during a dinner to discuss a three fight deal with HBO, Ike wound up wielding a knife and slamming it blade first down into the table, an experience according to Kushner was rather odd, “We were having a fine meal at a nice restaurant and mid-course, Ike picked up a big carving knife, slammed it into the table and screamed ‘They knew it! They knew it! The belts belong to me! Why don’t they just give them back.’That was a peculiar experience. That wasn’t the type of conduct I expected to romance the guy from HBO. (Ibeabuchi) was like a Viking.”

There’s no denying the guy had issues, he even kidnapped his ex’s 15-year-old son and attempted suicide by slamming his car into a concrete pillar out on I35 just north of Austin. But I’ll be damned if he could fight! Take a look!

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