WATCH: Daniel Cormier’s Heartbreaking Moments After Losing to Jon Jones

The moments after a fighter has lost are some of the rawest you may ever see in the combat sports world, especially if they’ve just suffered a devastating knockout. The rematch between light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and his rival, former light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones had been long awaited by mixed martial arts fans. The two had traded insults constantly in the lead up to their first bout, which Jones took in a concrete decision victory. Their second fight would be just as exciting, if not a little shorter than their last, and the footage of the aftermath would be heartbreaking, to say the least.

Photo: Werner

Cormier started off the bout strong, landing heavy uppercuts in the clinch and constantly pressuring Jones, walking him down toward the fence and making him work. Many argue that Cormier was successful in taking the first two rounds from Jones, and while some may certainly see a case for that, it seems most experts believe the fighters had both taken one round apiece coming into the third round.

Cormier was struck was a thunderous head kick from Jones in the third round that sent him stumbling along the cage fence before he was tripped up by Jones and clattered to the ground. Jones was awarded the victory via knockout after flurrying strikes on the ground overwhelmed his opponent.

Photo: 365DM

Overhead camera Jones celebrated with his family and team mates immediately following the win, but Cormier took more than a few minutes to get his footing. He stumbled around his corner, attempted at one point to leave the cage, traded words with Dana White who seemed to be trying to calm him down while colour commentator Joe Rogan looked on, and eventually slapped away the hand of referee “Big” John McCarthy as the verdict was announced.

Photo: UFC

It truly seemed like Cormier was away with the fairies, and for good reason having eaten some truly brutal strikes from his rival Jones. The former champion walking around on shaken legs, trying to make sense of what just happened is a heartbreaking scene to watch unfold, but it gives an insight into just how much these world titles mean to the men and women talented enough to attain them.

Check out the overhead camera footage of Daniel Cormier following his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214 below, and let us know what you think:



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