Accidental TKO Causes Brock Lesnar Vs Randy Orton At SummerSlam To End Early

This WWE Summerslam’s headline event was a fight for the ages when Brock Lesnar took on his friend-turned rival, Randy Orton.

The Apex Predator and The Beast Incarnate have only fought against each other once before way back in September 2002, when they were WWE rookies. Lesnar, already a month into his reign as WWE Champion, scored the win that night and Orton has had to wait nearly fifteen years for his revenge.

The animosity between Orton and Lesnar is set to boil over when the pair lock horns today. It wasn’t always this way, however; the pair used to train side-by-side during their formative years at Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The one time friends grew into bitter rivals with Orton stating that he lost faith in Lesnar when The Beast turned his back on WWE in 2004, and Brock shot back that Randy means nothing to him and was never his friend in the first place.

Orton then infuriated Lesnar by mocking his failed UFC drug tests, which have cast doubt over his victory at UFC 200 in July. And then he upped the ante even further by RKO-ing The Beast at WWE Raw at the start of the month.

So then scene was set for one of the most highly anticipated rematches in recent history and fans were not disappointed.

It was Lesnar’s first ‘official’ return to the WWE ring, having previously appeared on Raw earlier this month, where Orton snuck up on him and RKO’d him outta no where. You can relive the RKO here:

After a disastrous past month, Lesnar would have been keen to move on with his professional wrestling career and move on to greater things. Having made his return to the UFC last month at UFC 200, his win against Mark Hunt was severely soured when he tested positive for a banned substance.

The main event was called to an end early, after Lesnar delivered what was a very real elbow to the head of Randy Orton. One elbow in particular appears to open a massive gash which pours with blood.

It can’t be certain whether this was part of the script or not, but it sure didn’t look scripted. Lesnar’s wrestling career has also been marked by his opponents previously accusing him of confusing scripted perfromances with real MMA.

The referee was forced to end the fight and award a TKO win to Brock Lesnar.

You can watch the elbows here:

After the fight was over, Orton was seen laying in a pool of his own blood:



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