Anthony Joshua Has A Response To Callout From UFC Heavyweight Champion

Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather last month brought two codes together in what was an extremely hyped contest. The fight which was billed as a one-off has unwittingly sparked a barrage of interest from other fighters from both boxing and MMA disciplines. Verbal spot-fires are breaking out everywhere between would-be contestants as they spit trash over various social media platforms.

They are drawn by the overly-lucrative purses that the popularity of the combination of sports provides. Hearing of McGregor’s minimum $30 million payday from the ‘Fight of the Century’ many others want a piece of that action.

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Although the spectacle was a vast success on many fronts, it is an unwanted problem for Dana White who dubbed MayMac as a “one-and-done” affair. Dealing with so many governing bodies as well as balancing his own competition would have been a logistical and administrative headf*uck. But many say that he has done it once – it can be done again!

Two of the biggest names in fighting are currently drawing attention and gaining momentum as the next cross-code bout to be contested. Anthony Joshua has made it known that he believes he could take on anyone the UFC can throw at him. The 27-year-old heavyweight boxing champ had this to say:

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“I’ll still smash up those UFC fighters if I wanted. You can’t talk to me like that. I’ll give them a slap,” he told the Daily Star.

“I’m a fighter, you don’t just call people out recklessly,” said the London 2012 gold medallist. “I’m not a UFC fighter – I can’t put you in a submission – but I know how to throw my legs, I know how to use my elbows and I know how to punch people. “That’s my only disadvantage, the submissions, but I’ll throw it down, for sure.”

Accepting the challenge, Stipe fired back via Twitter:

They are just words at this point, but it seems the two are keen. In what would be a mouth-watering contest for fans, Joshua went on to propose a few rule-changes that he saw could even up the clash.

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“I like fighting, I’d do whatever. The only thing that they can’t do is submissions but they can kick, elbow, bite – whatever they want,” Joshua said.

“I can’t beat a guy [via submission]. That takes a lot of time to learn the skills and submissions, which I don’t have the time for, but when it comes to pure aggression and fighting rules, I can definitely fight, so I don’t mind that.”
“It wouldn’t be a problem,”

What do you think, should Dana White make this one happen too???



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