Arianny Celeste Has Released A CRAZY Music Video And It’s Freaking People Out

UFC’s top Octagon Girl, Arianny Celeste is one of the biggest names in the UFC. Famed for her unparalleled beauty, seductive nature and intoxicating smile, her Instagram is well worth a follow for an insight into her many talents.

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Whilst the star has graced the Octagon since 2006, she is also famous in her own right as a host of TV’s “Overhaulin’”, a fitness authority, and a spokeswoman. The latest string to be added to her bow is that of singer. Who knew Arianny had that talent hidden away! We have been taunted for weeks with snippets of the video that accompanies her much-anticipated song, “Zoo”. It has now dropped and boy was it worth the wait!

The video opens with a bloke dressed in a torn up and bloodied singlet chained to a post in a Japanese-style garden. There is just enough play in the chain to allow him to approach Arianny who tantalises him with her confidence, beauty and prowess.

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Celeste then toys with the bloke in various sexually charged scenes as she straddles and chokes him. The bloke appears in various states of undress and sports a leather collar and leash for many of the scenes. As the various images take hold, Arianny’s watchful, silent accomplices look on – their mouths still bloodied from their last victims.

The dominating nature of the video serves as a warning to all men out there that the ‘man-eater’ scene is alive and well around the world and they had better watch out! This message is served by the accompanying lyrics: “I’m a lion, can’t be tamed”

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Arianny’s henchwomen approach the bloke who is back chained to his post. They tear him to pieces and devour him as their boss looks on from the verandah. Yikes!

The raunchy video clip finishes with Celeste seductively licking the poor bloke’s heart while it’s still warm. She turns to the camera, both mesmerising and terrifying the audience as blood drips down over her hand and down her arm.

The reaction has been strong to the release with many praising the star.


Loved this. The beat bumping, video is phenomenal and her voice is deep, dark with a sultry tone. It should do well.
No fear AC, believe in yourself because we all do !

Check out the full video uploaded by the star.

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