Aussie Heavyweight Tai Tuivasa To Join UFC On Four-Fight Contract

Aussie Tai Tuivasa has just signed a four-fight contract with the UFC, fulfilling a childhood dream to fight in the promotion.

The Sydney-based heavyweight was understandably excited when talking about his chance to prove himself on the biggest stage in the world of MMA.

“I’m pumped. I can’t wait, ” the super-striker said.

“I love fighting but I never thought I would on the world stage. It’s a massive buzz.

“I’ve been walking out (to the Octagon) for people and now it’s my turn.”

The gentle (but savage) giant explained that the news still didn’t actually seem real to him.

“It’s a bit surreal, ” Tuivasa admitted.

“I haven’t fought on anything like this and until I see my face on a poster fighting for a belt or something like that, I’ll be a bit more pumped then.”

Unfortunately, it seems that Tuivasa won’t be making his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night Melbourne on November 27 but he was philosophical about that fact.

“Fighting in Australia would be the ultimate…it’s home, but getting the contract and knowing my next fight is in the UFC, I’m pumped enough, ” he said.

The 23-year-old won’t just be fighting for himself as he is set to become a father soon. Tuivasa explained that was extra motivation for him to succeed.

“I’m just about to have a baby, so I’ve got time to think about that, ” Tuivasa said.

“Then I’ll be ready to roll. I can’t wait. That’s what drives me.”

Tuivasa aims to build on the success of his mentor Mark Hunt, a guy who he sees as having a similar fighting style.

“Mark and I are very similar fighters, ” Tuivasa said.

“We both have our own way of fighting…get in there and knock someone out. I’ve looked up to him as a role model — I always have — and he was one of the first fighters I watched was Mark Hunt and after I watched one of his fights I was like ‘yeah, he’s a gangster’.”



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