Bouncer Activates Beast Mode On Multiple Drunken Attackers

Most of us have suffered the indignity of being refused entry to a bar or club after a few too many pints but rather than walk away and try to sober up, these two idiots decide to attack the bouncer and end up paying a heavy price for their stupidity.

This video starts off peaceful enough (there’s even some friendly hugging going on) but it escalates at breakneck speed when to clearly drunk dudes are refused entry to the bar.

They immediately get in the bouncer’s face and start throwing fists. The bouncer keeps his distance and in retaliation, catches them with a couple of good overhand rights.

They both go down like sacks of sh*t but, despite an onlooker telling them it’s “game over”, they foolishly go back for more.

The bigger guy rushes in and throws a sloppy hook which the bouncer easily dodges and returns the favour (with interest). The difference is, he can actually throw; he catches the guy on the side of the head and instantly knocks him out.

His smaller friend decides not to engage the bouncer and instead shows what an absolute coward he is by spitting in his face.

Later, the manager defended the bouncer’s use of force and said that he was just “doing his job.”

“The two guys were drunk and refused entry, ” she explained. “They did walk away initially and then they came back a few seconds later – and you can see what happens next. He had to defend himself and you can hear he keeps saying ‘go home, go home’”.

The manager described the bouncer as being “very shook” after the attack, saying he was “a quiet family man, ” who was very “polite.”

Since being reported by The Sun, this story, and accompanying video have gone viral but, incredibly, plenty of people have criticised the bouncer, saying that he went too far. In all honesty, I don’t think he went far enough and would have loved to see him put that assh*le spitter’s lights out too! What do you guys reckon? Was his retaliation over the top, undercooked, or just right?




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