BREAKING: Mark Hunt Verbally Agrees To Fight At UFC 209

The UFC has just announced the next match up for Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt which will take place on March 4 in Las Vegas.

Hunt has been matched up against veteran Alistair Overeem which is going to leave old school K-1 fans drooling, as the pair had previously fought in 2008 in which Overeem won via submission.

Hunt has not fought since UFC 200, and has been surrounded by a cloud of doubt on whether he would actually return to the Octagon after his opponent being involved in yet another PED scandal. The bout was recently turned into a No Contest decision, and Brock Lesnar suspended for one year along with a relatively small fine.

This fight announcement will prove crucial to Hunt’s quest to move up the Heavyweight rankings and earn another shot at the title. Alistair Overeem’s last fight saw him take on the current Champion Stipe Miocic, which resulted in Overeem being knocked out in the first round. He did however almost trap Miocic in a guillotine which left fans on the edge of their seat.

Speaking to MarkHunt.TV, Mark stated he was ready to avenge his loss to Overeem in 2008.

“Overeem was one of my losses over a 7 fight losing streak when I was fighting battles outside the ring as well as inside, ” he said.

“I couldn’t have beaten a wooden chair at that time in my life.  I’ve never lost a rematch and I’m not about to.”

But despite the “Super Samoan” verbally agreeing to the fight, it seems that it is not quite yet a done deal.

“My clause will protect me in this instance and take the financial gain of the opponent of caught cheating, ” Hunt said when asked if his contract will contain a special clause for cheaters.

“That deterrent will protect me and other fighters. I’m pushing for this clause, I want to fight and I am ready. If the fight doesn’t go ahead it’s not my doing”

When asked if he was prepared to fight without the clause, Hunt categorically ruled it out.

“I will not fight without this clause.  I’ve already fought 3 dopers in a row and I’m not going to fight again without security. All I want is a fair go and an even playing field.” he said.



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