Britain’s 410lbs Strongest Man Steps Into The Ring With 140lbs Pro Boxer

Who would win in a fight, the mountain or the mole hill? If Game of Thrones is any indication, the Mountain would take just about anything. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as many of you may know plays “The Mountain” on our current favorite fantasy television show on HBO. He’s a professional strongman, but Eddie Hall is one of the best strongman competitors in the world.

This guy weighs in at an insane 408lbs, which is a point long past when most people would be considered obese, but not him. He stands at 6’3″ (191cm) and has more muscle packed than anyone I’ve ever met. To put it in perspective, he’s about the same weight as The Mountain, but several inches shorter.

The 29-year-old professional has some other accomplishments under his belt; ever since 2010 he’s competed in strongman competitions and has taken the gold more times than not, generally only losing out in World’s and Giants Live. As far as England as a whole is concerned however, he’s definitely the strongest. To top it all off, he’s something of a philanthropist as well. In order to prep for an upcoming charity boxing event where he would lace up those 16 oz. gloves, he began training with Scott Lawton.

Lawton is a professional boxer from Britain who weighs in around 140lbs, and in comparison to the mountain of a man looks like a teenager swinging at an adult. To be fair, Lawton is not only older than Hall, but definitely more experienced in a professional fight as well. In the end it looks to be an even exchange – Lawton’s skill for Hall’s sheer size – and it’s obvious that while it’s technically a sparring match, the smaller guy can’t hold anything back. If he did, then Hall probably wouldn’t even be able to feel it through all of his bulk. That’s not a joke.

You can figure out for yourself who the actual “winner” of the match was, but if you ask me Lawton displayed more skill. The problem is in Hall’s ability to take a billion and one hits before he starts feeling it, and I’ll bet an actual swing from him would be deadly as well.

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