Brock Lesnar To Receive No Sanctions From WWE Over Failed Drug Tests

WWE officials have confirmed that Brock Lesnar will not face any repercussions with the company as a result of his two failed drug tests while competing at UFC 200.

TMZ had reported that Lesnar would not be punished by the WWE since they classify him as a part-time athlete and therefore, does not need to act in accordance with the company’s Talent Wellness Program.

WWE officials stated that because Lesnar only wrestled four times in 2014, eight times in 2015 and seven times so far this year, he did not fall under the category of full-time performer.

“WWE’s talent wellness program does not apply to part-time performers such as Brock Lesnar, ” WWE officials wrote in a statement.

The WWE’s Talent Wellness Program tests full-time athletes throughout the year and performers are punished if they are found guilty of breaching the code of conduct.

Wrestler Roman Reigns was the latest WWE star to be suspended for a Talent Wellness Program violation in June, although he was only suspended for 30 days and is now eligible to perform again.

Suspensions for Talent Wellness Program violations typically only last for 30-60 days, as opposed to the standard two-year suspensions that the UFC dishes out.

WWE officials also stated that their company falls under the realm of ‘show business’ and as a result, their Talent Wellness Program is there to ensure the health of their full-time performers, not the integrity of athletic competition.

Lesnar is slated to rejoin the WWE next Monday night on RAW before his highly anticipated match with Randy Orton at SummerSlam on August 21st in Brooklyn, New York.

While Lesnar is in the clear with regards to the WWE, his violations while competing for the UFC mean that he may still face sanctions from the USADA and Nevada State Athletic Commission.

At present, there is no date set for Lesnar to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission or for his appeals process with the USADA to come to a close but he’ll be performing for the WWE long before either case is concluded.



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