Call Of Duty Player Shows Up At Internet Cafe To Fight Keyboard Warrior

Talking sh*t to your fellow gamers has widely become a large part of playing online video games. Of course you want to be encouraging and whatnot to your own team members, but when it’s the enemy team you’ve got to establish your gaming dominance. If they make a small mistake, you laud it as the sole reason their team lost the game. If they start raging, you pick harder. There’s almost no multiplayer game played online that isn’t easier to win when one of your opponents quits, so you’ve got to try, right? Well there’s one guy who tried and was a little bit too successful in his endeavors. So much so, that the guy he’d been insulting the entire Call of Duty game they played together decided to hunt him down, and eventually he even found him!

How did the online “victim” manage that? No, he’s not some super hacker who ran a slew of programs, the guy who’d been talking sh*t was actually just dumb enough to hand out his exact location! Why would he go to such lengths? Because a kid had been camping in the same spots in the game, and when asked to stop decided to talk trash and hand out their real life location instead of the in-game one and continued his little taunts. Normally I would say this shouldn’t be a problem, but as the two were relatively close and tensions went way beyond the levels of “high,” the guy memorized the address and made his way. It was this quaint Internet cafe with bright green chairs and monitors lining the walls, the peace of which was about to be completely disrupted.

Almost storming through the door the faux hunter found the exact guy he was looking for and began just wailing on him, attempting to finish the thing while the other guy was still sitting down. Fortunately for the guy being attacked he was able to stand up to give himself a good shot at fighting back, and fight back he did.

His attacker honestly didn’t even see it coming, but the punches he was getting versus the ones he was giving made it clear who the winner of the fight was going to be, until finally someone else stepped in to draw them apart. Most other players just let them be, but enough is enough and it had to be stopped for the sake of everyone else. Well, he tried to settle a score and learned he probably shouldn’t be taking video games so seriously…

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