Cheating Spouse Sparks Vicious Penguin Fight

A recent video featured by National Geographic shows just how nasty things can get when your significant other is unfaithful, as a love triangle between three penguins devolved into a bloody scrap between two males. A penguin colony consisting of some 250, 000 birds had gathered to breed and make nests, but one male found himself in an uncertain position when discovering his partner had met up with a new love interest upon his return.

While other couples were preparing to mate and lay eggs, the male was forced to try and fend off the other home-wrecking penguin, and the two repeatedly battered each other with their flippers. Smacking one another with up to eight strikes a second, things quickly got nasty, with the two competitors wrestling each other to the ground.

Eventually, the husband penguin forces the intruder to retreat, but unfortunately for him, the mother of his future penguin children chooses to leave with her new suitor instead. He then follows the couple, where the attack begins anew. This time, he attacks viciously with his beak, which is usually used to dig holes in the ground for nests.

Sadly, he’s edged out in this battle, and despite his last desperate call for reconciliation, he’s left alone out in the cold. Hopefully, with a quarter-million penguins in the area, he’ll be able to make things work with somebody that proves to be a better spouse.

The narrator of the video doesn’t hold back, offering the defeated penguin little remorse.

“He makes one last plea to the female, but she’s got no time for losers, ” the narrator said.

Over 120, 000 people have “liked” the video so far, which has gone viral and struck a chord with people who might now realize that maybe animals and people are sometimes more similar than we think.



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