Chick Pepper-Sprays Woman In Front Of Her Baby, Immediately Regrets Her Actions

Well, this is just all kinds of mental: normally, we shun any kind of violence against women but when said woman pepper sprays your partner and your baby is in close vicinity? Yeah, that’s one of those occasions when exceptions can and should be made.

It’s unclear what caused this altercation to begin with but by the time someone thought to pull out their phone and start recording, sh*t is already getting heated.

But the chick in the white top decides to escalate things into the oblivion by pepper spraying the woman she is arguing with.

There’s a couple of problems with this idea: 1) she does so in an enclosed space, meaning everyone cops a blast, 2) the woman’s partner is there, and 3) the woman’s goddamn baby is there!

Everyone instantly reacts to the assault and things go south for the chick in the white top: she’s put in a headlock and dragged out of the garage while the baby’s dad screams “What the fu*k is wrong with you! I will fu*king kill you, dog!”

A cowardly act

It’s at this point she realised she’d fu*ked up

And it’s at this point she began to go to sleep

All of a sudden, the mum who was originally pepper sprayed attacks the nearly-unconscious chick, delivering a series of punches to her face.

Someone yells out to the guy who has her in a headlock to let her go and he does. The only problem is, she’s completely out by this stage so when he lets her go, her head bounces off the goddamn pavement!

Amazingly, after a few seconds, she manages to come around, get back to her feet, and get the hell out of there before copping any more punishment. Hopefully, she didn’t suffer any long-term injuries and learned her lesson.

This has to be one of the craziest scenes I’ve witnessed in a while!




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