Conor McGregor Fires Another Shot at Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor has once again popped a jab at veteran boxer Floyd Mayweather, this time taking to Instagram to diss his possible opponent. McGregor and Mayweather are believed to be coming to the end of a lengthy round of negotiations, with the two looking to finally square off in the ring on August 26th. The UFC lightweight champion and mixed martial arts star has spent some time over the last twelve months trash talking the retired boxer, who would come out of 23 months worth of retirement to fight the Irishman if the bout does, in fact, go ahead.

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Mayweather has taken a few shots back at the Irish mixed martial artist, boasting of his achievements inside the ring and noting just how much more money he has taken home over the course of his illustrious boxing career.

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McGregor posted on Sunday that “something BIG is coming”, leading fans and pundits alike to speculate as to whether the super fight between the two combat sports stars was finally going to be announced. The Nevada State Athletic Commission are currently awaiting a bout request from Mayweather Promotions in order to get the ball rolling for a bout to take place at the T-Mobile Arena. McGregor has already signed off and agreed to the terms for the fight, and now the ball is in Mayweather’s court.

Something BIG is coming #BP

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Waiting around for Mayweather to sign his end of the deal, it seems McGregor couldn’t resist the urge to poke his would-be opponent, this time having a crack at his age. The undefeated boxer is now aged 40 with 49 wins under his belt. While he may still be one of the fastest things on two feet inside the ring, Mayweather has been more than a little geriatric when it comes to signing the fight agreement for a bout that has the potential to be one of the highest selling of all time.

Man, much respect to Floyd Senior still getting a few rounds in at the gym. I hope I can still train at that age. Respect.

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The last big news announced by McGregor was the birth of his son in May, having taken a leave of absence from the UFC in order to support his partner through the final months of her pregnancy. With Conor McGregor Jr being born it seems like it will be back to business for the UFC superstar, and if Floyd Mayweather signs his contract soon then business will surely be booming.

He getting big fast 😬

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