Conor McGregor Speaks Out About Press Conference Incident

This weekend marks the return of Conor McGregor into the octagon in his highly anticipated rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202.

It’s been a mediocre build up to the fight, with McGregor having minimal media work for this fight. Their only other press conference was a complete disaster, with both fighters unable to hear each other on stage.

With that said, many experts said SOMETHING had to happen in this press conference, especially if they wanted to sell as many pay per views as they did at UFC 196.

The conference itself got off to a shaky start; it began 15 minutes late and McGregor’s chair was noticeably empty.

When asked by a reporter what his feelings were about McGregor not showing up for the start of the press conference, again, White was visibly annoyed.

“So we’re starting without him. He has to start respecting people’s time.”

But once McGregor did arrive, things really escalated quickly. Within 2 minutes of McGregor being in the room, Nate Diaz got up and began walking around the arena in the middle of a question.

“Fu*k your whole team! How about that?”, Diaz could be heard yelling.

“Fu*k your whole team! Little crackhead essays!”, McGregor shot back.

Diaz continued to circle the arena, flipping McGregor off and talking smack, to which McGregor took exception.

“Shut ya fu*kin mouth! You’ll do nuttin! You’ll do nuttin! Not one a you’s will do nuttin! Get the fu*k outa here! Get the fu*k outa here!”, and excited McGregor exclaimed.

Then Diaz took things one step further and threw a full water bottle at McGregor. His team followed suite so McGregor loaded up with multiple bottles and returned fire from the stage, despite repeated warnings from White not to.

“Hey, hey, hey, Conor, Conor. Don’t throw those fuc… Conor! Conor!”, a desperate White shouted.

After that, the UFC President had little choice but to call the press conference off after just 20 minutes.

“That’s a wrap. Get him outa here, ” White said. Conor, go!”

A short time after, McGregor spoke to LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire.

When asked what triggered him to respond to Nate, McGregor was his usual cool self.

“I just saw bottles being thrown and I just thought fuck that, you wanna throw bottles, I’ll throw cans, ” said McGregor.

McGregor then followed up with a sarcastic statement – “But it was all in self-defence. I was scared for my life.”

Catch the full interview here:

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