Conor McGregor’s Ex Training Partner Leaks Sparring Footage After Mayweather Announcement

UFC lightweight champion and soon to be boxing debutante Conor McGregor’s former sparring partner has leaked out some pretty worrying sparring footage following the announcement that McGregor will be facing off with veteran boxer Floyd Mayweather on August 26th. Chris van Heerden, the former welterweight champion of the IBO and IBF made some waves in the MMA world when he was picked up as McGregor’s sparring partner. The South African boxer wasn’t too pleased when McGregor’s team put up an edited clip of the two sparring, which attempted to make the Irish mixed martial arts superstar look more talented at boxing than he may well be.

van Heerden does take a moment to note that he’s “not Floyd Mayweather” but that didn’t stop him from finding a place to put his punches on the UFC champion. He also notes that he still respects McGregor, despite the fact that the footage put out by McGregor’s team at The Mac Life made him look worse than he actually is.

Photo: FCFighter

As a reality check for McGregor fans, van Heerden put up a more complete version of the footage. It shows that while the sparring may have been reasonably competitive that McGregor still has a number of holes in his game, namely the way he moves in the ring, and his use of the rock back, which his opponent Mayweather is an absolute master of.

Instead of successfully getting his partner to commit to a shot that he can then counter with a straight, McGregor ends up eating a solid jab to the face. McGregor’s style of movement is also a cause for concern, looking as if he may still throw a kick or try to stop a takedown at a moment’s notice.

Photo: RingTV

The Irishman’s hand speed will hopefully also be looking a bit faster come August 26th, because the footage doesn’t particularly inspire confidence in his ability to counter or even catch Mayweather with a shot. While McGregor’s left hand is incredibly powerful, it’s worth noting that it is often set up with kicks, and his left hand has predominantly been the one that has proven the most successful for the budding boxer.

Photo: SA-MMA

Will Mayweather have trouble landing his punches on McGregor? It’s doubtful. Whether McGregor can land a shot of major significance on Mayweather is the real question here.
How do you think the fight goes? Check out the sparring footage below and let us know in the comments!



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