Conspiracy Theorist Claims To Have Video Evidence Of Time Traveler at 1995 Mike Tyson Fight

I’ve got to admit, there are certain conspiracy theories out there that really make me question the reality I know of, but most are generally there to make me laugh. I’ll let you decide for yourself which way that’s going to be in your eyes, but I will say that this one truly makes me laugh. So, there’s a Mike Tyson fight from back in 1995 versus Peter McNeeley wherein a small portion of the video clips to an audience member. Now this was Tyson’s first official fight after getting out of prison, so you might be wondering why a single audience member happens to be so important – it’s because of what they’re holding. In the video now known as “He’s Back!” you can see a person holding what appears to be a smartphone taking pictures or recording.

You’ve got to remember that this was back when the latest phones still had massive antennas attached to them. They were bulky and not very inconspicuous, so this random event goer has now been dubbed the “time traveler.” Why do people think it’s a time traveler and not just someone with a nifty little device they made themselves, or just with some little known piece of technology? That’s not a question I could answer, but that’s what they’re saying.

The fight itself was a bit of a spectacle too, Tyson came back with a vengeance after prison and it seemed things were looking back up for him. There appeared to be no stopping him, especially while he was in the ring versing McNeeley. The match lasted for a grand total of 89 seconds before being called in Tyson’s favor, but it was clear that was going to happen in the first ten seconds unless McNeeley had Lady Luck on his side. Take a look at the fight as a whole, then take a look at the guy the conspiracy commentator points out and see for yourself what all you can.

One of the challenges to this theory include devices such as these from back during the same time frame, all items no time traveler would need since… well, they could time travel. I’ll let you decide who to believe, but if you ask me this is one hell of a fight, and one incredibly funny little theory.

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