Cornerman Rushes Cage To Stop Fight After Referee Ignores Devastating Guillotine

Terrifying finishes can happen in mixed martial arts. With so many different ways for a fight to finish, it’s no wonder that sometimes mistakes happen.. In the first Super Fight League semi final on Friday night, we saw one finish that has left fans and athletes shaking their heads.

One minute deep into a three round fight, Asha Roka locked up what looked like a very tight guillotine choke on her opponent Hannah Kampf of the Bengaluru Tigers. The stoppage that followed was so late, it needs to be seen to be believed.

Roka managed to sweep Kampf onto her back, pushing off the cage with her feet to make her way to mount. The pressure on Kampf’s arteries would have been immense, with Roka using her free arm to increase the pressure by posting on the canvas.

Kampf began to go limp, with her legs and arms beginning to flatten against the canvas, showing classic signs that she was going unconscious. The referee stood by with his hands on his hips, took a cursory look at the situation and allowed the fight to continue.

In what was a very strange turn, Kampf looked as though she woke up in the middle of the choke, raising up her arms around her opponent but still clearly in a very bad way. With the referee looking on, either indifferent or oblivious to what was going on, Kampf’s cornerman threw in the towel.

Still not noticing that something was amiss, the referee didn’t even notice the cornerman’s towel landing in the cage, forcing Kampf’s cornerman to jump the cage fence to rescue his fighter. Running full pelt toward his fighter, the cornerman pulls Roka off of Kampf, who has begun to slightly convulse from the choke she has been under.

The guillotine choke on Kampf was a wicked victory for Asha Roka as she advanced to the finals of Super Fight League, but was overshadowed by the incompetence of the officiating referee. Check out the fight footage below and let us know what you think!



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