Couple Asks Internet to Photoshop Out Shirtless Guy from Engagement Photo, Regrets it Instantly

In the olden days you could rely on the goodwill of perfect strangers to lend a helping hand hitching your wagon or framing your wife as a witch. Nowadays such innocent requests for help are met with a special kind of hostile smartarsary that only the internet can supply!


Credit: ruthlessruthmore

A newly-engaged couple is snapped in the afterglow of a new chapter starting in their lives, his knee still red from the dodgy beach bar’s razor-like concrete floor. It’s a stunning shot of the two, one that their grandkids would love to be shown from a dusty old photo album.
Now, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and far be it from us to pass judgment on the the portly, t-shirt tanned gentleman in the background. But the photo’s focus is sharply shifted from the main subject to the rotund cameo in the rear, detracting from the sweetness of the moment.

Rightfully thus, the couple, being no photoshop specialists, call for help extracting the showstealer from the frame via The Rising Tide Society’s Facebook page.

The good people of Facebook were quick to lend a hand. Take a look for yourself!


Credit: ruthlessruthmore


Credit: ruthlessruthmore


Credit: ruthlessruthmore



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