Dana White Gives Advice To Travis Browne After Losing Fourth Consecutive Fight

UFC president Dana White has given a short but scathing review of former heavyweight contender Travis Browne. Once known for his freakish athleticism in a division filled with some decidedly unathletic bodies, Browne is now riding a four-fight losing streak after facing some of the heavyweight division’s hardest hitters.

He was beaten to a pulp by former champion Cain Velasquez, utterly outclassed on the feet by one-time champion Fabricio Werdum, knocked flat by fan favourite Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis and then last night was choked into submission by ground fighting specialist Oleksiy Oliynyk.

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By comparison, Browne’s early run in the UFC saw him winning over big names in the heavyweight division like striking specialist Alistair Overeem, Gabriel Gonzaga and catch wrestling king Josh Barnett, all by KO.

Given Browne is engaged to the UFC’s former golden girl at 135 pounds, Ronda Rousey, we’re unsure as to whether the promotion will be giving him his marching orders, but we doubt it’s far off. Browne’s striking and general performance in the Octagon after May of 2013 has resulted in disappointment for many fans who were keen to see “Hapa” at the top of the division. Browne moved camps to Glendale Fight Club in 2013 and has won just two fights out of his last seven since joining the camp that he shares with his fiance.

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Much light was made of the quality of coaching the former heavyweight standout was receiving from coach Edmund Tarverdyan, who has received criticism in the past for his coaching style. Browne is reported to have trained with a different camp for his bout with Oliynyk, but Dana White’s latest review of Browne’s performance inspires little hope for the once bright prospect’s future.

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“It’s crazy,” said White. “Travis Browne was one of those guys that before the ‘Big Foot’ fight – and even in the ‘Big Foot’ fight, I mean he got injured, he blew his hamstring, something weird happened to him – in that fight, the guy looked like he was going to be a world champion. This is one of those sports that you just never know. One minute you’re absolutely unbeatable or unstoppable and the next minute you can’t win a fight.”

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“I think that Travis should retire,” concluded White, who has never shied away from letting his opinion be known, even in the heat of the moment.

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