Dana White And UFC Fans LIVID At One Of The Worst Non-Stoppages In MMA History

Refereeing an MMA fight has to be one of the toughest gigs going: there are so many things to watch out for and if you fu*k up, even slightly, everyone is on your back for it.

That being said, the Kyle Gardner’s effort at adjudicating the bout between Rick Glenn and Gavin Tucker at UFC 215 was bloody appalling.

The fight could’ve been stopped on a bunch occasions while Glenn was dishing out a vicious beating on his opponent but for some reason, Gardner (and Tucker’s corner) thought it was fine for Tucker to continue to take damage for the duration of the fight.

Incredibly, the ‘contest’ went to the judges, who scored it 30-25, 30-24, and (somehow) 29-27 in Glenn’s favour.

How that last judge scored it 29-27 is almost beyond my grasp of mathematics but after much finger counting, I worked out that he had to have given one of the rounds to Tucker and the other two to Glenn with scores of 10-9 and 10-8 respectively. Makes you wonder what bloody fight that dude was watching!

Tucker was dropped early and often by Glenn and as the bout wore on, it became clear that significant damage was accumulating around his jaw and orbital.

On several occasions, Tucker turned his back and stumbled away from Glenn, who did what he was supposed to do in response by chasing him and continuing the beating. A couple of times he even looked to the ref to see if he was going to stop the fight. Every time, he was told to continue.

But still, the ref (and Tucker’s corner) did nothing. To make matters even worse, his girlfriend was in the stands, crying, watching a beating that must have seemed to last forever.

Towards the end of the third round, even the commentators were pleading with Gardner to call a halt to proceedings: “Stop the fight,” Joe Rogan could be heard pleading while Daniel Cormier began yelling “The fight’s over!” at the referee.

After Glenn was announced victorious, Rogan interviewed him and asked if he thought the fight should have gone on for as long as it did.

“When the final bell rang, I thought the fight could have been stopped a couple of times towards the end,” Rogan stated. “Were you surprised the referee didn’t jump in?”

Glenn was unequivocal: “Yeah, I was surprised. I looked up at him [Gardner] a couple of times. I don’t like to hurt people, ya know. We’re in the hurting business but there was a little unnecessary damage [that] he took. He’s tough as sh*t.”

Afterwards, fans and UFC president Dana White took to Twitter to register their disgust at what they’d just witnessed.

Nobody is saying that refereeing an MMA contest is an easy thing to do but a ref’s job, first and foremost, is to protect the fighters. Gardner failed Gavin Tucker on this occasion.

See more of the severe beatdown here



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