WATCH: Female Boxer Plants One On Opponent during Pre-Fight Face Off

Some people choose to promote fights with raw, unadulterated anger and rage. Spewing vile insults at their opponents, they attempt to draw their rivals into their world, where bad intentions reign supreme. Then there are some folks, like Swedish boxing star Mikaela Lauren who like to sell fights based on hugs and kisses, literally.

Photo: BXW

Earlier this week in Norway, the undefeated boxer Cecilia Braekhus was set to face off with her opponent Makael Lauren to promote their upcoming boxing match. The Scandinavian rivals are set to rematch their famous 2010 world title fight, which ended in a TKO victory for Braekhus at the weekend.

The two athletes had stood close together, staring into each other’s eye, with Braekhus looking particularly unphased. That’s when Lauren let loose with a secret weapon, the staredown kiss, kissing Braekhus square on the lips. Braekhus reacted by shoving her opponent away, but laughed about the kiss moments later, saying “Thank you, I haven’t gotten that in a while” with a smile.

Lauren believes, despite her loving attitude, that she’s going to scare her opponent and earn her respect.

Photo: BXW

“Cecilia is a very arrogant person but when she feels my power she won’t be so cocky. She might be confident now, but once I hit her, it’s going to wake her up. It’s going to scare her and then I’m going to get her respect,” said Lauren in an interview with Boxing Scene.

“She’s been in the ring with some strong fighters before like Anne Sophie Mathis and Oxandia Castillo, and in those fights, you can see she’s not comfortable when she gets caught with heavy punches. I’ve got heavy punches but I’ve also got better technique than both those girls. I’m going to be cleverer in the ring.

“I think she is underestimating me. Maybe she thinks I’m still the same fighter I was seven years ago, but I wouldn’t even call myself a boxer back then. I was a novice. I’ve developed so much since our first fight. I’m a completely different fighter now and she is going to see just how much I’ve improved on Saturday…

Photo: BXW

“She’s said I talked myself into this fight but I deserve it, and she knows it. I’ve been waiting a long time for this opportunity. This is my Olympics, and I will do everything I can to win. No one is unbeatable. Look what happened to Klitschko who she has been working with. Anyone can fall from the throne.”

Do you think we’ll see Lauren getting the better of her opponent after kissing her at the pre-fight face off? Check out the video of the moment below and let us know what you think!



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