[WATCH] Guy Destroys Group Of Five Girls Attacking Random Girl

Some people are happy to jump in and save the day.

What would make you stand up and try to stop a fight where the odds are clearly not in your favour? A man has jumped in to defend a girl who was trapped on the ground, and clearly not able to fight back in a restaurant in China.

Surrounded by a group of other women, the girl was being hit and kicked, and looked to have no opportunity to escape. In this video, the man literally jumps into the fray to help defend the girl on the ground from the five women surrounding her.

About 28 seconds into the video, he appears from left of screen, and jumps squarely into frame, shoving, spinning, kicking and punching in an effort to move the woman’s attackers away from her. Not willing to hold back, the man deals out some intense and aggressive attacks, which were definitely over the top. He throws one of the attackers to the ground, kicks another as she falls and shoves another across a table as he clears the area.

Clearly furious, it takes the bystanders in the restaurant a little while to decide to step in and end the altercation. By this point, the man is clearly winning the fight against the five women, and he is then wrestled away from the area and out of the restaurant by a group of around four people.

Would you have stepped in, and if so, how? It seems like many of the people dining at the restaurant were happy to sit back and let the situation erupt, despite the fact that the woman on the ground clearly had no means of defending herself. There was even someone so content with the situation that they took the time to document the incident with their phone, as opposed to standing up and saying something.

View the full video below and let us know your thoughts!



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