Floyd Mayweather Reveals The Number Of Girlfriends He Keeps On The Go At Any Given Time

Floyd Mayweather has given us an insight into his extravagant lifestyle in a revealing interview…with a puppet. Appearing on the hugely popular YouTube Channel “Awkward Puppets”, Mayweather was probed by Diego in the hilarious piece that broaches topics of wealth, body hair and cars.

When asked how much money he has in the bank, Floyd responds arrogantly with “which one” before revealing after careful consideration that he has around $300 million spread over a few accounts. Perhaps that’s all he is willing to disclose at this point. Many believe his pockets are far deeper on account of his diversity of assets and investments.

Credit: YouTube

To demonstrate his wealth further, Floyd attempts to balance a $100 bill on Diego’s head. And when asked for another $20, Floyd is mock-offended saying there’s no way he’d be caught carrying a 20 – it’s hundreds or nothing! That would be a good problem to have and he is surely forever telling people to keep the change!

Mayweather has two of his cars on display in the background of the interview. One of which is the star’s present to himself after dominating Conor McGregor. The triple red one-of-a-kind Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible is rumoured to have cost him a whopping $3.3 million. Sure he had that lying around somewhere!

Credit: The Richest

When asked about his romantic pursuits, Mayweather revealed that he has a rotating stable of 7 women on the go. Having stepped into the public eye with many of these women over the years, the calibre of their looks is indisputably high!

Credit: YouTube

British TV star Abi Clarke is confirmed to have had relations with the champ and was dragged unwillingly into the heated lead up to the McGregor fight last month when she had a brick flung through a window of her home.

Mayweather went on to promote the single life, and not getting attached to any one woman citing marriage as an institution of misery. He suggests men considering divorce pull the trigger by bringing their soon-to-be ex-wives to his strip club “Girl Collection” to execute the split.

Check out the interview below.

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