Floyd Mayweather Tells Us Why He Didn’t KO McGregor

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr’s fight with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor a month ago went the way that most hardcore fans and pundits believed it would. The veteran boxing legend ate some shots from his Irish opponent early but weathered the storm to begin pulling ahead midway through the fight.

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Ultimately, Mayweather would come away with a TKO victory over McGregor, who fatigued in the tenth round, resulting in the referee calling a stop to the contest when he was unable to continue effectively defending himself.

Mayweather has now admitted that he did not knock out his opponent out of concern for him continuing his mixed martial arts career, and the lasting effects that brain trauma can cause to a fighter.

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“He has a career. You know, he still has a career. He’s still young, (It could’ve been) very damaging. We have to think about these fighters. Even, like, my uncle Roger. Right now, I just got a call just before I came here. He keeps walking off, wandering off. No one can find him. He ends up in a hospital. So, brain damage – it happens. It happens,” said Mayweather on an episode of the Hollywood Unblocked podcast.

Mayweather also discussed the fact that McGregor had seemed to control the opening three rounds, but cited this as being part of his overall game plan.

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“It’s a catch 22. If I blew him out in the first round, they would have something to say. If we let the fight go on a little longer than expect, they’re going to have something to say. So it’s like, damned if I do, damned if I don’t. If I let it go the distance, they’re going to say something.”

Of course, many fans did believe that McGregor would be able to go the distance against Mayweather, and have praised the performance he gave in his professional boxing debut against an athlete as highly regarded as Mayweather.

“Once again, we’re praising him. We’re not praising me. We’re praising him. Because I’m 40 years old, retired for two years. He’s 28, he’s active. I’m inactive. He’s taller, he’s bigger. Hey, may not be stronger. He has a longer reach. He’s taller. He’s bigger. He’s younger. Youth is on his side. I’m just saying, everything on paper links on him. For me to come and be off, and really only train totally probably three weeks .. and (I was) out every night partying,” he concluded.

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Do you believe the revelation that Mayweather was really out partying when he should have been preparing to fight McGregor? Let us know in the comments!


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