[WATCH]Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard “Jizzy Mac” Fights A Rookie Boxer

What does it take to guard one of the best fighters of all time? Apparently not much if the performance Ray Sadeghi Vinci put on is any inclination. This guy was supposed to be a bodyguard for Floyd Mayweather, so when Showtime Sport’s All Access began covering the fighter, the bodyguard was only too eager to show off. Well, attempt to show off, that is.

Due to the publicity and his reputation for being a monstrous fighter in his own right, Roy decided to pester Floyd for a chance to fight a Greenie boxer, and after a while managed to break his employer down to an agreement.

“Jizzy Mac” as Roy is more affectionately known by, walked up to the ring like he owned the place. If you’ve got to give the guy anything, it’s that he knows how to be one cocky bastard. He boasted on his previous victories and smiled like he didn’t have a care in the world, assuming he was about to demolish some new fighter as testament to his prowess. Well, the bell is rung and the sparring match begins. His opponent takes a couple of hits but proves he’s smart on his feet and keeps moving… and then he fights back.

Within minutes Jizzy Mac is on the floor of the right with the rookie boxer standing over him in triumph. It only took a couple of swings to make happen, so the bodyguard’s earlier hubris became comical to all those involved. Even Floyd couldn’t resist giving him a bit of sh*t, but that’s probably also because the two share a similar love for narcissism. If this is the extent of the capabilities a professional bodyguard is bringing to the table for Floyd Mayweather, they may as well start hiring rookie fighters instead! At least with them there’s a hunger for greatness, so you know they’d be at the top of their game! Or, you can go with the guys like Jizzy Mac who talk a big game and back it up with… very little.

I’m just kidding, there’s no doubt that the guy’s been trained to perform the job as best he can, but after a show like that there’s no way I’m not giving at least a little sh*t, especially after all the trash talk before the match began! Take a look for yourself:

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