Guy Off The Street Walks Into MMA Gym Wanting To Fight – Result Goes Viral

One long standing tradition in the world of martial arts are challenges. Even in the old kung fu flicks they pay homage to those challenges, but what may surprise you is that they still happen today! Of course there’s no special effects to make the fights more interesting; no stunning backflips off the toe of an opponent and all that, but sometimes you get some of the weirdest stories. Take this instance for example; this guy randomly walked into a BJJ gym and challenged them to send a fighter against him. Now, there’s two sides to this coin here and I’m not the only one that’s seen it.

On the one hand you’ve got a guy coming in, ready to sign injury waivers and adamantly demanding a fight. He’s made his choice from the sounds of it, which was his decision to make and people should respect that. On the other hand, he’s just some random guy walking into a gym full of training or trained fighters, so there’re a few who believe they should have denied his request. Whichever group you find yourself belonging to, the fact remains that they legally covered themselves and decided to go ahead and accept the challenge. I mean, I don’t personally blame them. Some random person you’ve never even seen before comes up and starts begging for a fight then how would you react?

They did make sure to get the guy gloved up before he stepped onto the mat, but from the shorts he’s wearing it almost looks as though this was some split second decision. He may have been having a bad day and was looking to take out some aggression in a legal way. Well, what he got instead was a clean knockout from a guy taller than him, but quite a bit thinner.

His opponent didn’t even bother taking off his jacket, and within 60 seconds he already knew what a terrible mistake he made. Well, at least that’s a lesson he’ll remember for a long time coming, because he probably doesn’t remember the fight!

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