Gym Junkie Spends TONNES of Cash To Look Older

Anti ageing is an industry that is rapidly growing every single year. It’s fast approaching a value of $200,000,000,000. That’s right, 200 billion a year! That’s an insane amount of money!

Some people see money as being no object in their search for “perfection”. 35-year-old gym junkie Pawelw Ladziak has spent an absolute fortune on trying to make himself look older. Not just a few years, but a few decades. He’s spent money on hair and beard dyes and probably spends a lot more on anti-anti ageing cream.

He started going grey a few years ago but didn’t want to rock the salt and pepper hair style, instead opting to go all salt, to the point where people think he’s at least sixty years old!

So why has this guy, nicknamed the “Polish Viking” decided to try and become the most jacked grandpa in existence? Instagram. Seriously, it’s that simple. He just wants to be a social media star, and since dying his hair completely white he’s gained over 359,000 followers.

He started training at just sixteen years old and didn’t really take it too seriously. Now he posts up side-by-side photographs comparing what he looked like then to now. It’s all pretty crazy. He also likes to post up pictures of himself and his smoking hot wife hanging out and striking poses.

He also gets compared to the Italian star Gianluca Vachi… The only difference being that Pawelw Ladziak is 35 and Gianluca is 50.

Pretty weird sort of thing to be doing at 35 years of age, but hey, to each their own. Hopefully, the guy doesn’t look 1000 years old when is actually 60, right?



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