WATCH: INSANE Lady Asks Drunks Guys to Break Her Leg… and They Do

Getting drunk isn’t supposed to be about carnage. If anything, it’s meant to be about getting loose, having fun and letting go of your inhibitions, right? You can hang out with your friends, your family or go looking for a nice single person to keep you warm in the dead of night, but whatever it is you’re doing, it should not involve asking random people on the street to break your bones.

No, no, just NO. Of course, the video you’re about to see comes from Russia, because for some unknown reason that’s where a lot of this terrifying stuff comes from.

Photo: YouTube

While out for a good session of day drinking, this crazy Russian lass had a bright idea. She might be trying to claim workers compensation or some sort of insurance, but in this video, she just comes off as an absolute stark raving lunatic.

She finds two VERY drunk blokes outside by a bench and gives them a really exciting proposition… to break her leg. Seriously. To break her leg.

Photo: YouTube

A few locals have said they believe she may have been trying to avoid some crazy circumstances of her own, to escape something, but they also admit that it’s really the only sane explanation they could come up with.

“People drink there near the entrance every summer, but someone having their leg broken – with their consent – that is something new and completely mad,” said a member of the local community.

So this crazy lady asks two equally crazy drunken men to break her legs, and somehow she found the exact right idiots for the job.

Photo: YouTube

They brace her knee up on a bench, and one guy holds her while the other one gets ready to break her leg. He grabs onto a fence and jumps high into the arm, bringing both feet smashing right through the woman’s knee, breaking her leg in two. The men are absolutely gobsmacked that it worked. What did they think was going to happen anyway?

WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU WANT THIS DONE TO YOU? Dead set, this has to be one of the most vomit-inducing videos on the internet. It is absolutely horrendous… and you can watch it on the player below!



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