You Know That Saying About Not Judging A Book By It’s Cover?

First appearances are very important in how we view each other as people. You can talk all you like how you’re different and those don’t really matter, but even if you don’t hold it against the person there’s still those thoughts. That’s why the old “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” saying came about in 1944 in the first place! Well, if there was ever a fighter that didn’t look like he was in the right place, sans the tattoos, it’s Aleksander Emelianenko. This dude looks like he just woke up on an almost constant basis, and that he eats out as often as he eats healthy. He’s got a certain lackadaisical aura to him that has made more than a couple fighters underestimate what he’s capable of, including James Thompson.

Emelianenko is a Russian fighter in the heavyweight and super heavyweight categories with a professional record of 23 wins and 7 losses. He’s a three time world Combat Sambo champion and has won five golds out of six attempts at the Russian Championships as well. He’s a monster in the ring, but from his first appearance you’d probably never guess it. Outside of the ring he’s proving to be just as merciless, as back in 2014 he was convicted and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for attacking and stealing from a woman who was hired to clean his apartment.

Thompson on the other hand looks like he was built by a team of tank engineers. The British fighter doesn’t boast the record that Emelianenko does, but from HIS first appearance you’d assume he could more than hold his own in the heavyweight division – which he definitely can. The problem was that when going up against each other, Thompson fell a bit short.

The moment the bell rings both fighters let out their true colors. Thompson rushes Emelianenko and knocks him down, but the Russian just got right back up and sent a flurry of his own. The match was over within 30 seconds. Remember folks, just because someone doesn’t fit the normal narrative for whatever activity they’re participating in, doesn’t mean they won’t hand you your own a** in the end!

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