Mark Hunt Just Retired Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis In Absolute Slugfest

The main event at UFC Fight Night 110 saw two of the biggest hitters in the heavyweight division go at it when hometown hero Mark Hunt and Louisiana native Derrick Lewis threw down in front of a packed Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand.

The trash talk between the pair was minimal in the lead-up to the bout and both men were given a traditional Maori welcome at Orakei Marae in Auckland on Wednesday.

Lewis loved his first taste of Maori culture although the American joked it that after growing up on the tough streets of New Orleans, it would take a lot more than a fearsome haka to leave him shook.

“I’m from the hood. I’m more scared if a crackhead came walking down the street with no shirt on than seeing something like that but it was pretty cool.”


Lewis was on a six fight win streak going into this one but he welcomed the challenge of the legendary Kiwi striker.

“I believe he’s one of the toughest out there. If I wanted an easy fight I would’ve called out Francis Ngannou from France but I wanted a tougher fight.”

43-year-old Hunt is still regarded as one of the hardest-hitting fighters in MMA and was keen to see how Lewis would handle his famous power.

“They all say they’re pretty tough until they get a punch in the face,” Hunt said. “Everyone at this end is tough, everyone at this end is good at fighting. It’s just a matter how much pain they can take.”

Hunt and Lewis have a mutual respect for each other

With everyone on the edge of their seat, there was a lot of expectation on the fight. Both men promised swanging and banging, and from the moment the bell rang, that is exactly what we got.

Both men sized each other up in the opening moments, before the punches started to flow. They both remained cautious, but every time either man pulled the trigger, a knockout seemed a certainty.

Experts expected Mark Hunt to use leg kicks in this fight, but it was Lewis who was throwing kicks. He continued to attack Hunt’s head with kicks.

As the rounds went on, both men looked more exhausted.

After the first two rounds, Hunt looked on top, but in the third round did the most damage. Lewis was constantly walking back to the cage, with hands on hips, showing his exhaustion.

In the fourth round, Lewis could not withstand the pressure, with Hunt TKOing him.

Following the fight, Lewis announced that he planned to get married next weekend, and did not want to continue to put his family through the pain of watching him fight, announcing his retirement.

You can see the finish here:



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