Mark Hunt Now Wants Brock Lesnar’s Entire Pay Cheque

It’s been a crazy 24 hours in the MMA world.

After defeating Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar is now copping heat from the fans and the media for a failed drug test flagged by USADA.

When an outraged Hunt learnt of the failed test, he demanded that he receive adequate compensation for being put in the octagon with an alleged “drug cheat”.

“I saw Brock made millions for this fight, more than anyone ever.” he said. “I wanna know what they are gonna do to Brock now. When you don’t make weight they give twenty percent of your purse to the other fighter. If you get caught cheating you should lose all of it.

“I’ve told Dana I want half of Brock’s purse.”

He then threatened to walk away from the UFC all together, if it wasn’t sorted.

“I’ve told Dana that I want a release from the UFC if they don’t sort this out.” he said. “They say they are trying to clean up the sport, but it doesn’t feel like it. The UFC is basically saying if you cheat you won’t be penalised.

It’s unclear whether any formal conversations have taken place between Hunt and the UFC since his comments, however Hunt later took to Twitter to inform everyone that he had changed his mind.

“Well I wanted half but have changed my mind cheaters shouldn’t get shit I want all of it cheaters don’t deserve shit” he said, signing off with the hashtag “#cheatersdeservenada”.



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