MMA Fight Ends In Just Seven Seconds After Fighter Takes The Mother Of All Crotch Shots

Being MMA fans, we’ve all, no doubt, seen some fu*king brutal groin-shots but I defy you to name a worse one that this…

A heavyweight MMA bout in South Korea lasted just seven seconds when one fighter took a full-on kick to the crotch that ended the contest.

22-year-old Aorigele was taking on Myung Hyun-Man in Road FC 39 but the fight was ruled a no-contest after the first exchange when Aorigele received a brutal blow to his frank-n-beans.

After taking the shot, Aorigele collapsed to the ground and writhed around in pain as the panicked referee rushed to his aid and called the doctors into the Octagon.

The moment that ruined Aorigele’s day

Myung could do nothing but stand and watch as coaches and doctors entered the cage help the fallen fighter. Doctors covered the fighter with a sheet so they could check in privacy whether any serious damage had been done.

At the time of writing, there has been no update to the condition of Aorigele and his junk after he was reportedly taken to hospital.

The ref had to call a stop to the fight

Road FC (Road Fighting Championship) is a South Korea-based MMA promotion which was officially launched in 2010. It has grown quickly since its inception and has held more than 40 events in three countries: South Korea, Japan, and China.

Over 300 athletes from all over the world have signed agreements with Road FC and events have been broadcast in more than 50 countries around the world.

The promotion was founded by former national kickboxing champion, Mun-Hong Jung and is the largest MMA organisation in South Korea and with expansion into Japan and China, is now one of the largest in all of Asia.

A doctor checking if he still has a cock-n-balls




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