How An MMA Fighter Pulled Of The Greatest Cash Heist In History

Lee Murray. If you’ve heard this name anytime recently it’s more than likely due to his involvement in the largest cash heist in British history, but before that he was actually a fairly decent MMA fighter. Out of 12 fights he won eight and lost two, with one ending with no decision and the remaining a draw – not the best, but nowhere near shabby. That fact alone makes the crime he committed that much more nonsensical, but the guy does carry around the history of a career criminal and drug addict to begin with.

Murray wasn’t one of those people who concerns themselves with what others think of him, which is what made his personality in the MMA so different. This is the guy who fought Tito Ortiz in a street fight, got stabbed on his own birthday; he even planned and attempted executing a prison escape! Dana White called this guy a “scary son of a b*tch,” so you know there’s a bit more going on than meets the eye.

Back in February of 2006, Murray and crew pulled a scene straight from the film Bandits and kidnapped the manager of a Securitas Cash Management Ltd depot in Kent. In order to get him to cooperate they initially posed as actual police and pulled him over, then held his wife and sun hostage. After reaching the building in question armed to the teeth they held the 14 other staff members hostage and began their robbery. Overall the over 30 man crew made off with an astounding £53 million and went their separate ways – for the most part.

Murray decided to head to Morocco where he was arrested on the 27th of June, but for those three months he was a rich as sh*t king. He lived the high life, literally, and that’s the only reason he was arrested so soon. It wasn’t until 2010 that he was actually tried and charged for the massive robbery, but even while in prison he managed to keep hold of what he had – but the kicker is that it only got him 10 years! This was eventually extended to 25 come November of that same year, but only because officials from the U.K. complained to the Moroccan government that the punishment didn’t fit. Go figure. Check out the insane full story:

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