Move Over LFL – This Is The Lingerie Fighting Championship

I remember when the Legends Football League had their inaugural season back in 2009; it was the first time I’d ever seen such a large group of gorgeous, scantily clad women playing football together. What’s more, the likelihood of a wardrobe malfunction was, and remains, quite a bit higher than your average television program.

It’s like NASCAR in that way, more people are interested in the screw ups than the actual sport itself, just don’t let that fool you here. These women are absolute monsters, and it’s because of that that the LFL has had such a resounding success.

With the rise of something new there will always be copycats looking to cash in on the same idea, which someone did with the Lingerie Fighting Championships. Like it’s predecessor, the LFC features a whole range of beautiful women dressed in clothing you’d only see them wear in the bedroom, except they’re brutally beating the sh*t out of each other!

The events are held live with television coverage for all those unable to attend just like an average UFC match, and they’re more than a little worth watching – they’re brutal. Some of the rivalries have almost led to fights outside of the ring, these women take this sport seriously!

As far as marketing is concerned we all know sex sells. That’s one of the first lessons most people do learn about advertising and the LFC is in no short supply of supple eye-candy. Take a look at this highlight reel from their 20th fight card dubbed A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Las Vegas – sixteen women in eight bouts with more anger than I’ve ever personally seen in the UFC.

That’s not to say it doesn’t exist or happen, just that it’s much more prevalent here as you’ll clearly be able to tell. For example, one woman, instead of slamming her opponent to the ground, decided instead to whip her against the fence.

Shaken, the other woman remains on the mat for a few seconds before collecting herself and charging her opponent while the referees had the fight halted!

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