Nate Diaz RIPS INTO Conor McGregor’s Lastest Instagram Post

It’s no secret that Nate Diaz is rather keen for a trilogy fight with his rival Conor McGregor – he’s been banging on about it ever since he lost to the Irishman at UFC 202 – but the Stockon Slapper has really notched up his rhetoric in recent times.

He was respectful towards McGregor in the run up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather and shot down anyone who said that it would be a walkover for the undefeated boxer.

But now that the dust has settled, Nate is getting back to his trolling ways in the hope of securing his long awaited (and highly lucrative) re-rematch.

The Notorious is a huge fan of saying that he’s either winning or he’s learning (‘Win or Learn’ was even the title of his coach John Kavanagh’s book) but his recent post to Instagram in which he used a variation of the slogan really rubbed Diaz up the wrong way.

Nate had this to say in response:

“He punched himself out the same way he lost in the Ufc there was no learning goin on.. #overpromotion bullshit get off the nuts this the shit I’m talking about…Bruce Lee would’ve never lost like that. #realninjashit🖕🏼”

To be honest, it seems fair enough that Diaz should have his trilogy fight – McGregor was given his chance at redemption a mere four months after losing at UFC 196 (and then had it postponed due to the fact that he refused to attend some pre-fight media events).

It’s now been over a year since the pair fught at UFC 202 (where the hell did the time go?!) so it seems only right that the Stockton native is given his chance at revenge.

Do you guys agree? Let us know in the comments. Keep it civil though – we know how you McGregor and Diaz fans get. Just kidding – meme it up and rip each others heads off!



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