One Of The Most Spine Chilling MMA KOs Ever Happened Last Night

After the disaster that was his pro-MMA debut, featherweight prospect Aaron Pico erased all doubts about his abilities inside the cage with a sensational knockout performance over Justin Linn at Bellator 183.

Pico had been billed as ‘the next big thing’ by the promotion ahead of his first fight against Zach Freeman, which took place under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden at Bellator 180 in June.

Things didn’t go according to plan, however, as the debutant was rocked with a punch and then submitted to a guillotine, all in the space of just 24 seconds.

“June 24th, Madison Square Garden, was one of the most embarrassing days of my life,” Pico stated in his post-fight interview after KO’ing Linn. “It took a while to soak it all in, but you know what, I’m coming back. I woke up every day on a mission. I will be coming back. I will be world champion. I could be 0-5, and I would still come back and be world champion. I’ll be world champion or I’ll die trying.”

After such a devastating loss to a highly regarded opponent (Freeman has a record 9-2 and the fight took place at 155lbs, his natural weight), Pico could have been forgiven for taking on a less experienced fighter but he showed just what he’s made of by accepting a matchup against some with 10 pro bouts under his belt.

“They said he’s 7-3, and he’s really good,” Pico said. “But that’s just who I am. I’ve been embracing the challenge. But sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.”

Freeman rocked Pico early in his bout with the youngster

The highly touted prospect was devastated by the loss but vowed to make amends

Pico certainly embraced the challenge on Saturday and managed to keep his cool early on as Linn unleashed a series heavy shots. The 21-year-old (well, 21 tomorrow) replied with a thunderous left hook that completely starched his opponent.

The nature of the victory surprised many fans and fellow fighters, but not the man that threw the killer blow.

“I always knew my hands are powerful,” Pico said. “I’m not being cocky, but there’s a lot. I spar with the best boxers in the world. I go with the best guys in the world at Team Body Shop with A.J. McKee and all, so I’m confident in my ability.

“The biggest thing this whole camp was just to relax. And, once I relaxed, my skills were going to show.”

It’s easy to jump on the hype train of a young, up-and-comer but the composure that Pico showed inside the cage, coupled with the incredible power and timing of his hands, leads one to believe that the hype might just be real in this case. I’m very much looking forward to his next bout…




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