Paulie Malignaggi Confirms He Is In Talks To Take On Conor McGregor

Brooklyn based former professional boxer Paulie Malignaggi has confirmed that he and his team are looking to set up a boxing super fight with UFC lightweight champion turned one-time professional boxer, Conor McGregor.

Photo: McGregor

Malignaggi first crossed paths with McGregor when he was brought into the Irishman’s training camp to help McGregor prepare for his incredibly lucrative boxing super fight with veteran boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather in August. Malignaggi ended his tenure with the camp after footage and images of McGregor knocking down Malignaggi was leaked on social media.

The enraged Malignaggi would later be seen talking closely with McGregor’s opponent, Mayweather, and a war of words across the media landscape would lead many to speculate that McGregor and Malignaggi could be planning a super fight of their own. McGregor would go on to be defeated by Mayweather in the tenth round of their much-anticipated bout when McGregor tired rapidly after expending much of his energy in the early rounds. Mayweather would TKO him along the ropes after McGregor failed to defend himself, but that hasn’t stopped fans from saying that he could still easily take the 36-year-old Malignaggi in his second professional boxing bout.

Photo: McGregor

It seems like a super fight between Malignaggi and McGregor really could come to fruition now.

“I know Al Haymon’s (Malignaggi’s advisor) talking to Dana White,” Malignaggi told FightHype in an interview. “I know they’re speaking, so if they want the fight they’ll make it.’

“Once I spoke to Al and Team Haymon, and they told me they wanted to make this fight, I knew that the only was this fight doesn’t happen is if (Conor) had absolutely no balls.”

While Malignaggi may have retired from boxing back in March, he is willing to come back one last time to teach McGregor a lesson.

Photo: McGregor

“This fight will pay him more, this fight will get him more exposure, this fight is a bigger fight than anybody else he has. There’s no more Mayweather fight. This fight is the biggest fight there is.
“So once they told me that, I knew the only way this doesn’t happen is if this guy has absolutely no balls. Which wouldn’t surprise me because he has no balls. But the way they’re going to present it to him, it’s going to be presented in a way where he really shouldn’t turn it down.”

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