Ronda Rousey Accidentally Flashes Panties As Breeze Catches Mini Dress

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey took to the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles in a dress with an insanely high hemline. As is usually the case with Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong WILL GO WRONG, and that left paparazzi with a set of shots showing the mixed martial arts superstar flashing her undies as she walked down the main street. Of course, this isn’t the first time risque pictures of Rousey have hit the headlines.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Always one to play Russian roulette, the Olympic bronze medalist also wore a pair of white high heels to complement her floral printed dress as she strutted her stuff through the breezy city on the way to the E3 convention at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It wasn’t long before the pesky wind came through and gave the photographers a colourful shot of her knickers.

The former bantamweight champion is set to marry fellow UFC fighter, heavyweight staple Travis Browne, who proposed to Rousey during a hike after the two had been dating for two years. “We were under a waterfall in New Zealand, and it felt like the right place to do it,” said Browne.

Photo: BackGrid

Photo: BackGrid

Rousey, for all her talent and focus on the judo mat and in the cage, seems to be very easy going about the upcoming wedding. “I don’t know what goes into planning a wedding. I could be really easy. I don’t really want a lot,” she said. “I don’t really need decorations or flowers just somewhere to go and something to eat and people around.”

It’s unclear whether Rousey will be making a return to the octagon anytime soon. There has been very little mention of a comeback for the former champion after her two embarrassing back to back losses at the hands of Holly Holm at UFC 193 and Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. It is unclear as to whether the former bantamweight queen will ever fight again after suffering such heavy setbacks in the cage.

Photo: Splash

Meanwhile, Rousey’s husband-to-be has fired off a shot at rival heavyweight Derrick Lewis, who knocked the Hawaiian-born heavyweight out in the second round of their fight back in February of 2017. Browne is now looking to face Oleksiy Oliynyk at UFC 213 on July 8th and seems to be aiming at a rematch with Lewis later in the year.

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