Roy “Big Country” Nelson Proves You Don’t Need A 6 Pack And Guns To Fight

What does it take to look like a fighter? If you asked a member of the Olympic board they’d probably name off a rather long list of sleek, physical requirements. No doubt the pectorals would be glistening, skin hardened over muscles earned through years of rigorous training and gleaming like a show car. Lustful looks of admiration would cake their eyes as they regale you with their ideals, all the while folks like Roy “Big Country” are stomping those dream guys out in the ring!

Big Country doesn’t live by any conventional set of ideas when it comes to body image. He himself has noted his “fatness,” though you’d be surprised at how much stamina he’s actually packing. Even Joe Rogan made a comment on it, but the funniest part about it is how everyone scoffed at it. Well, not everyone, but definitely a fair amount of the audience – one announcer is audible with his. But, the facts don’t lie – the big guy can fight. Not only can he take more than a few hits, when he dishes them back they hit like freight trains.

You see, what Roy does is he lives life the way he wants. He eats what he wants, when he wants, and he enjoys lazing about more than your average athlete, but the guy trains. He’s had some rough times as far as his UFC days are concerned, but he’s always going to have that label of “athlete” attached to his name. In the man’s own words:

“There are athletes out there trying to get every advantage they can, including things like muscle and low-fat percentages. I feel if I’m the better fighter, I’m the better fighter. If you paid me $2 million, I’m sure I could lose my belly. But I don’t get paid to look a certain way. I get paid to win fights. That’s what I concentrate on.”

I wonder how diverse the UFC could get if more fighters like Roy stepped up to the plate? Do you think they’d be dominating the boards?

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