[WATCH] Suspended UFC Fighter Jon Jones Fights Dan Henderson

Four years after first being matched up to fight at UFC 151, former light heavyweight champions Jon Jones and Dan Henderson have finally faced off against each other.

Unfortunately the two mixed martial artists found themselves in a grappling-only match, but that didn’t stop the two from settling the rivalry that has been left unfulfilled since the cancellation of UFC 151.

Jones visibly outsized his opponent, as he normally does given his unique frame. He managed to claim victory over the veteran wrestler Henderson, forcing him to submit with an arm triangle choke at 6:39 during the main event of Submission Underground 2.

Jones was so confident in his abilities on the ground that he lay down on the floor and tried to tempt Henderson into his guard, with Henderson deciding against the dangerous invitation.

Jones landed a solid takedown in the fourth minute of the match, beginning to work on passing Henderson’s defense. Eventually he managed to pass all the way to mount, before sinking in the arm triangle.

“Dan is so strong. I did not expect him to be that strong, ” said Jones following the match. “Thank you so much for the opportunity, Dan. I really appreciate it, man.

“I know we’ve had our differences over the years, Dan, but I respect you tremendously. You’re truly a legend and one of the greatest of all-time in our sport.”

Setting aside their earlier rivalry, Henderson congratulated Jones on his victory. “He got me with a nice arm-triangle, snuck it in there on me, the dirty bastard, ” he said. “But no, good job to Jon. He did a great job tonight.”

Henderson had been forced to withdraw a week before their UFC 151 fight due to a knee injury. Jones in turn refused a short notice matchup with Chael Sonnen, leading to the first pay per view cancellation in UFC history. Jones would later TKO Sonnen while defending his title at UFC 159.

Jones took a moment post match to call out Sonnen, who is the promoter and owner of Submission Underground.
“I’m thinking me and you, Chael, should do a little something something, ” said Jones.

Quick to reply, the answer from Sonnen was loud and clear: I will see you Jan. 29,

Check out the arm triangle finish below and let us know!



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