Teen Girl Sucker Punches Boy With Down Syndrome

Alright, I’m the type of person who chooses to believe in the best that humanity has to offer. Call me an altruist, but it’s just too miserable otherwise. With that being said, I am under no misconception on just how terrible we can be to each other as well. We all make mistakes and we can all take things a little too far from time to time, but then we stumble across videos like the one you’re about to see below and that’s where it really shows – just how terrible we can be. Just a warning to you, it’s definitely one that’ll make you rage down to your core.

This guy with both cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome was sitting on what appears to be a bus bench, and he’s just sitting there. Where the video begins it’s obvious that he’s not making a single move, but in the spirit of fairness we don’t know what was said beforehand. What we do know is that while he’s just sitting down, a teenage girl walks up and throws a few punches directly at his nose, possibly breaking it but definitely causing some heavy bleeding. The poor guy still doesn’t move. He doesn’t try to defend himself, he just takes the hits and slouches forward while the blood drops down.

After the video had gone viral and the internet chastised the teenaged girl for being a terrible human being, she came back stating that the guy “asked for it.” As though that were the only excuse she needed. How a guy with two very inhibiting conditions managed to ask her to go out of her way to bring him pain is beyond me, but again, seeking that spirit of fairness, we don’t know what happened prior. That doesn’t excuse her in any way, shape or form, but it does grant a little benefit of the doubt that at the very least it wasn’t unprovoked. Here’s her Facebook post regarding the incident:

Even if this is the truth of the matter there were a million other ways she could have gone about it. She could have asked for help from the guy’s caretaker or from the teachers, especially since he’s not all right in the head (no offense meant). Even if her actions are “justified,” this is completely disgusting.

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