The Biggest Hint So Far About Ronda Rousey’s MMA Future

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been extremely quiet for the last few months following her loss to champion Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. Each time the Olympic level judoka has lost a fight she has gone into a media blackout, granting no interviews

Rousey faced Nunes after taking a year to return to the cage following her shock knockout loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia. Many fans and pundits at the time ridiculed Rousey’s training camp, saying she had not been adequately prepared by her trainer Edmund Tarverdyan to face a high level striker like Holm.

It has been rumored that Rousey may never step into the cage again after her loss to Nunes on New Years Eve, especially when considering the huge amount of money she’s racked up from her huge pay per view numbers, numerous corporate sponsorships and acting gigs. All of that may be being changing now though, with it looking a little more likely that Rousey may return to the cage once more.

A post on social media from strength, conditioning and nutrition trainer Dan Garner from Dan Garner Nutrition has popped up announcing the has is now working with Rousey saying he is “excited to have her on board and to accomplish some great things with her this year.”

Garner has worked with kickboxers such as Elliot Compton, but Rousey is the highest profile mixed martial arts athlete that Garner will have worked with thus far.

Is it possible Rousey may be looking to return to the cage once more with a new diet and strength and conditioning routine to complement it? Let the speculation begin, we’re sure this won’t be the last change Rousey makes to her training camp moving forward.

Check out Dan Garner’s post on Instagram below and let us know if you think this might be a sign Rousey could be heading back to the cage:



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