The Night Kimbo Slice Made James Thompson’s Ear Explode

Kimbo Slice was always more known for his street fighting persona than his professional career, but that’s not to say he didn’t achieve any prolific accomplishments during either time. In his unsanctioned fights he was known for being absolutely ruthless, winning or losing most of them by knockout.

In his professional career he wound up proving less spectacular, but that could be attributed to any number of things, that doesn’t mean the guy didn’t hit with the force of a hand grenade, and you can ask James Thompson all about that – he’d probably still tell you.

For those that are unfamiliar, Thompson is a famous British heavyweight who looks like an absolute monster. The guy’s current record – out of thirty-seven total fights, he’s won twenty. He’s been competing professionally since back when Kimbo was just getting internet famous, so when the two got paired up to fight each other back in 2008 for the Elite XC promotion the hype was real. Slice had yet to truly prove himself in the professional world, but when he stomped Thompson out in a TKO he made his point, and he made it loud.

Now, the TKO wasn’t because Thompson couldn’t continue the fight, I feel it’s fair to note that, but when you look at what Kimbo did to the guy’s ear you’ll understand why. Kimbo threw a hit with so much force it literally popped the more “professional” fighter’s ear!

So what does it take to be considered a professional when Slice was pulling moves like this pretty much right out of the gate? Unfortunately Slice passed away back in 2016 after being rushed to a hospital for heart failure, so his professional record will remain what it is… but can you imagine what this guy could have done had he stayed in and actually trained? It’s a fairly safe betting he’d have been near unstoppable. I mean, check this blowout for yourself!

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