When you try to Rob a Gas Station with a MMA Trained Employee

Committing to performing a robbery takes a certain amount of guts, and a certain amount of desperation. Well, not always, there are some crazy people out there, but for the most part it’s due largely to the depressing economic times we’ve found ourselves in. Costs continue to rise and wages remain stagnant in most places, and even if you do get lucky with a good paying job you can easily find yourself losing it for some minor infraction. We’re in a time when everyone is starting to feel replaceable, and it’s doing a lot more harm than good. At one point you’ve got to ask questions and consider just what’s causing all these robberies, instead of focusing on the perpetrators. Naturally they should receive punishment, but ask the questions!

Down in Houston, Texas one set of robbers decided it was a grand old idea to rob a local gas station. They scope the place out for a little while to get the schedule down of when the bank runs took place, probably never even suspecting they would have to worry about the attendants.

Well, they should have. One of the workers just happens to be the MMA trained, Sri Lankan five time national champion fighter Mayura Dissanyake, and he can definitely dish out more punishment than most would ever want to receive. See, this is why it’s always important to do your research! Not that I’m condoning crime, in any way, but come on. Even the Hollywood films tend to give you a decent idea as to how terribly wrong things can go at a given moment!

While Mayura was working alone, waiting for his coworker to get back from the bank run and noticed him pull up on the CCTV channel at the desk. Not a moment had passed since the guy had opened his door when two of the robbers pop out of an SUV and begin beating him down in a quick, desperate attempt to steal the money. Mayura noticed this immediately and ran out the front doors, kicking the first robber he came across in the face before delivering a flurry of powerful blows to the second. The robbers attempt to escape and run away, but he managed to keep one on the ground, prompting the others to leave him behind. All this could have been avoided with a simple google image search, but nope. Instead we get to enjoy the downfall of a few idiots. Enjoy.

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