UFC Ref Big John McCarthy Breaks Down Poopgate on Twitter

Twenty year veteran of the octagon “Big” John McCarthy has taken to Twitter in another edition of his #AskBJM series to answer questions from mixed martial arts fans about rules inside the cage. Of particular note were Big John’s answers regarding Justine Kish and her unfortunate accident in the octagon at the UFC Oklahoma card over the weekend.

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Kish had faced off against Felice Herrig, a kickboxer who also has some serious grappling chops. She was, unfortunately, unable to deal with Herrig in the stand-up department, getting rocked by shots that eventually saw Herrig taking control of Kish on the ground. Soon the body triangle was locked on tight, compressing the stomach and diaphragm of Kish. If you’ve not experienced a body triangle before, find a mate who’s happy to jump on your back and lock one up. Go on, we’ll wait.

Feel that insane pressure on your guts? Kish felt that for nearly three rounds, before her bowels gave out and she ended up having an accident right on the octagon canvas.

This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened in the UFC. Allegations aimed toward middleweight contender Yoel Romero claim that the Cuban wrestler may have had an accident during his fight with Derek Brunson, but Romero played it off as it just being sweat.

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Former UFC heavyweight champ Kevin Randleman even admitted that it happened to him during his fight with Renato “Babalu” Sobral at UFC 35 back in the day.

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If only Joe Rogan or another commentator had an emergency power hose they could have employed then maybe they could have just hosed Kish off. One thing’s for sure, letting go of your bowels is not the best way to defend a rear naked choke or a body triangle, so don’t try that one in class.

So when this sort of thing happens, just what is a referee supposed to do? Do you towel the fighters up, give them a bit of time to recover, grab them the emergency toilet roll stuffed under the octagon for this sort of occurrence?

Big John, as always, has got the answers, and let’s just say Yoel Romero is lucky that referee Blake Grice didn’t notice that suspect “sweat” patch on his shorts when he fought Brunson.

Check out Big John McCarthy’s answers below and let us know what you think!



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