Ukrainian Boxer Moves Like Neo From The Matrix

Vasyl Lomachenko is one of the few fighters in the professional scene you really don’t want to mess with if you’re not actively aiming to be the best. Come on, we all know there’s a whole list of fighters in it for the money, but Lomachenko has proven hungry. He’s earned himself a reputation as being, arguably, the best amateur fighter of all time because of how utterly vicious he is, even though he’s not necessarily out for blood – he’s just that damn good!

His fists are quick, his footwork quicker and he knows how to get a little creative to face any given situation. The guy is so good he competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games as a featherweight and lightweight, then took gold both times.

Lomachenko has also made appearances at both the World and European Championships where he’s also taken home the gold, the guy is an absolute monster in the ring. In his professional record he’s sitting at eight wins with only a single loss, while his amateur career is much more astonishing. Out of 397 fights, he only lost one. The fight he did lose was against Russian Albert Seminov, but he decided not to let that loss take control of his passion. He trained and prepared, and when he fought Seminov again he took him out in the first round. The second rematch was also a victory for Lomachenko, proving just how driven the guy is.

The fight you’re about to see occurred back in November of 2015 against Mexican boxer Romulo Koasicha, and it’s plain to see how Lomachenko earned his reputation. He dips and turns so quickly that it looks as though he’s the one taking a beating half the time, but his stamina to continue those speedy dodges is astronomical!

As far as his technique is concerned, most coaches would be digging their fingers into their eyeballs with how often the guy has his guard down, but if nothing can hit him anyways, does it really matter?

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